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Searching Tips

When using the Advanced Search be sure to narrow your search by using these Boolean Search tips:

QUOTES - Search for exact phrases. Must be put in quotes to search for those words together.
Example: "SAP Director"
AND - Connects terms. Useful for linking related terms together.
Example: Administrator AND Linux
OR - Connects terms. Useful for positions that often have varying titles.
Example: Unix or Linux or Aix or Solaris
PARENTHESES - Groups terms together (like in Algebra).
Example: (programmer OR "programmer analyst" OR analyst) AND .Net
AND NOT - Excludes words or phrases thereby omitting irrelevant results.
Example: C# AND NOT VB.Net
ROOT WORD SEARCHING - Pulls words containing the same root or prefix. Replace the word endings with an asterisk (*)
Example: Manage* would bring up Manager, Management, etc.
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